A Thousand Portlanders Protest Federal Policing

OPB.org, July 2020

Close to a thousand people of different faiths rallied in downtown Portland Friday to denounce the actions of federal officers in local demonstrations.

The rally came after the actions of federal officers with U.S. Customs and Border Protection were heavily scrutinized in response to complaints from Portland protesters.

Protesters have said they were detained by unidentified federal law enforcement officers in unmarked vans, then later released without being charged with a crime. And earlier this week, protesters say an officer show a person in the head with an impact munition.

Reverend Mark Knutsen of Augustana Lutheran Church told the crowd that federal agents have committed violence against peaceful protesters.

“I have found that those who preach law and order are always breaking the laws. They should be in prison,” Knutsen said. “When we talk about indictments, let’s go back to D.C. and see some more of that.”

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